Our Philosophy

Taylor and Knowles develop buildings based on the principles and philosophies of Passive House.
We call this modern living.

Our developments are designed to minimise the cost of maintaining year-round comfort, reducing both energy bills and the carbon footprint. As each block of land has its individual orientation and land variance, methodical research, architectural design considerations, and site-specific building material selection are united to create an optimal energy-efficient home.

Temperatures are kept consistently comfortable as each home is air-tight to remove any draughts. Heat radiating from household appliances such as ovens, stoves, refrigerators, computers, light bulbs and even the TV is harnessed. But this does not mean you cannot open the windows!

What makes a house ‘passive’?


Excellent thermal insulation limits heat transfer from the inside to the outside or vice versa has been achieved by highly insulating the walls, floor and roof, providing you with comfort and energy savings year round.

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV)

HRV provides good quality indoor air via a ventilation unit with heat recovery.

With the HRV, fresh air is drawn in from the outside, filtered and then passed through the heat exchanger.

Air is filtered to keep out smoke, dust and other contaminants. The incoming air passes through the heat exchanger to match the temperature of the outgoing air, keeping a more consistent temperature inside that doesn’t need additional heating or cooling.


High Performing windows have outstanding thermal qualities and German engineered air-tight seals, double glazed with argon gas.

By using these high performing windows, we can maximise light and minimise heat transfer.

Thermal bridging

Limiting thermal bridging that transfer heat or cold from outside to inside (or vice versa) and encasing any thermal bridges (structural steel) in high density thermal insulation. This helps stop heat and cold transfer in all weather conditions.

Airtight Construction

Airtight construction which prevents cold or hot air from leaking into or out of the home.

Air tightness also limits draughts, which is achieved by wrapping the building in an airtight building wrap which acts like a Gore-Tex jacket, resulting in reduced running costs for the home.

A beautiful lifestyle

When you live in one of our homes, you will experience a comfortable living environment as they are whisper-quiet and serene.

You’ll appreciate the light-drenched rooms which have a consistent air temperature and quality, plus you’ll feel good about your contribution to sustainability as your carbon footprint is reduced (as well as your heating and cooling bills).

We use the principles of Passive House building when creating our innovative, progressive projects. We create reliable, comfortable, high-performance, low-emission homes, with a focus on creating beautiful living experiences.