Complexity, precision & success

Brief: Convert the current garage into a granny flat and build a new garage and carport.


There is a lot of detail in this build which isn’t apparent at first glance. Although it looks like a simple build, there was a great deal of complexity to the project.

The custom carport roof has a visually interesting ceiling that changes shape. Each rafter changes direction, resulting in a roof that twists from a high to low pitch. To achieve this, each rafter, roof and ceiling sheet was unique.

The interior of the granny flat consists of minimalist internal cladding. Precision is the key to get this look – there was no room for error. Extreme care was needed as the natural materials were kept in their original state – no painting or patching was allowed. This highly collaborative project between architect and builder succeeded because of the level of detailed attention and management from start to finish.

Mark and his team, trained in Passive House and used these principles to create a comfortable high performing building:

• Excellent thermal insulation including innovative uses of different insulation materials
• High performing glazing
• Airtight building membrane to reduce air leakages


  • Exceptionally detailed, executed with precision
  • Natural materials used in their original state
  • Custom roof had demanding cuts requiring exacting accuracy
  • Use of Passive House building techniques that resulted in a better performing building requiring significantly less heating and cooling
  • Energy Efficiency Rating of 7.7 stars