Light-filled, comfortable evolution

Brief: Transform this tired 1980’s house into a modern, playful, light-filled, family home for a family of 5. Recycle salvaged items from a demolished house by incorporating them into the new design.


This renovation involved creating various interior shapes and angles, which resulted in an interesting aesthetic.

A new open plan kitchen/dining/living room was added to the rear of the original house.

The kitchen, appliances, external windows and doors are recycled. This combination of recycling old materials as well as the angles and shapes made the build challenging but the result is a seamless high-quality home.


  • Raked ceilings with different angles
  • A curved brick wall into which rectangular windows were inserted
  • A curved plasterboard walls
  • Cut roof with full-width clerestory windows
  • Surface-mounted sliding windows which create an extensive opening to the outside
  • Circular windows with plastered reveals
  • Custom-made pivot front door and internal cavity sliders for large seamless openings
  • Cantilevered floor frame over base brickwork creating a built-in indoor/outdoor seat
  • Steel used innovatively as both a structural element and a design feature
  • Large structural beams incorporated but hidden from view