Progressive installation

Brief: Create a subterranean cellar with high-end finishes


Accessing and creating a new cellar for this house proved to be challenging. But Taylor and Knowles’ focus on structural integrity and detailing meant this job was completed successfully and stylishly.

Subsurface moisture, always a challenge when building, changes constantly and can cause substantial waterproofing and structural issues. A “swimming pool” technique was used to provide a waterproof barrier before concrete was sprayed in situ to form the floor and walls of the cellar, with a tinted rustic finish then applied.

Cellar access to the house is via a steel spine staircase with recycled hardwood treads. The hardwood, recycled from old railways sleepers, helps to soften the concrete and steel structure.

Discreetly hidden in the hallway floor is access to the cellar via an automatic draw bridge-style door. It was installed to seamlessly blend in with the flooring. The wine racks provide ample space for wine and used a similar palette to the cellar – red gum timber and industrial concrete reinforcing mesh.


  • Wall and floor of cellar constructed in a single concrete pour to avoid joints between the concrete walls and floor as joints would form a weak point for water penetration
  • Recycled timber and steel spine staircase
  • Concealed automated trapdoor to cellar
  • Air monitoring to cellar allows the owner to entertain in the space