Brief: Extend and renovate the existing house to create additional space, sympathetic to and in keeping with the original 1960s home. Include natural materials to complement its environment.


This renovation required a great level of detailed carpentry work. With copious amounts of timber used as exposed structural members, external cladding and internal lining, it was not possible to hide imperfections with fillers. There was also no plasterboard or prefabricated frames on this project, so everything had to be created from scratch. The workmanship on the roof structure had to be precise as it is on display.

Matching old block work with new block work was an involved process – new smooth-faced blocks were “aged” to give a more stripped-back and weathered surface.

Mark and his team, trained in Passive House and used these principles to create a comfortable high performing building:

Excellent thermal insulation including innovative uses of different insulation materials

High performing glazing

Airtight high performing building membrane to reduce air leakages

Minimising thermal bridges to insulate the inside from outside temperatures


  • Lots of old school, accurate, complicated carpentry – the clients’ love of timber in its natural state was on show and any mistakes would be visible; no more gaps was not an option.
  • Double glazed timber windows and UPVC windows.
  • Use of Passive House building techniques that result in a better performing building that minimises the need for heating or cooling requirements.
  • All-natural materials.